​You want a certified teacher to help your child reach goals in reading, math and writing. ​Don't let dyslexia stunt you or your child's growth socially or educationally. Texas Assessment Specialists can help. If your student is in College or grade K-12 and needs help with the accommodations to make them successful; call us at Texas Assessment Specialist to discuss their needs. We are your Go-To Educational Consultant in the Houston or Denton, TX areas.

     If someone is:

  • struggling with spelling 
  • ​restless and can't concentrate
  • a slow reader or needs someone to read it to them
  • having a difficult time sounding out unknown words
  • not comprehending what they just read
  • ​having difficulty getting their thoughts on paper in an acceptable form​

If that person has these classic warning signs, it is worth getting that person tested for dyslexia. We can test for this problem.​ Call 713.492.5566 and speak with a professional Diagnostician about your concerns.

Attention Deficit Syndrome

     Some children with AD/HD [ A.D.D. OR ADHD ] have little or no trouble sitting still or inhibiting behavior, but may be predominantly inattentive and, as a result, have great difficulty getting or staying focused on a task or activity. Others with AD/HD [ A.D.D. OR ADHD ] may be able to pay attention to a task but lose focus because they may be predominantly hyperactive-impulsive and, thus, have trouble controlling impulse and activity. The most prevalent subtype is the Combined Type. These children will have significant symptoms of all three characteristics. Assessments we do can then be shared with your doctor. These problems are life-long and you can learn to cope with these  symptoms over your lifetime if you understand how and what ADHD affects

​     What are the symptoms of ADHD?

  • Being disorganized
  • Lack of focus
  • Fidgety and squirmy when seated
  • Run or climb when not appropriate
  • Talking excessively
  • Impatience in children and adults​
  • Hard time waiting to talk or react

These are life-long symptoms which often get more intense over time and affect your job later in life. Adults and children can have accommodations to level the playing field.​ Call 713.492.5566 now for a consultation and appointment for assessments.



it's WHAT WE do best 


No two people have exactly the same skills or learning style. That’s why we perform an individual assessment for every client. Our assessments identify what areas the student struggles in as well as what may be the cause. Combine that with our direct instruction and one-on-one tutoring for a solution that works best with the student's learning style. These are some examples of what we specialize with:​


Attention Deficit





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